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As Canvas admins, we thought we had the ability to enable or disable New Quizzes at the sub account level under Feature options. It certainly looks that way as there is an "enable" and disable" button. We currently have it disabled for everyone, or so we thought, but it appears instructors can still go to the Feature options in their individual courses and enable it. Is this intentional or a bug? How can we admins disable it so that the instructors don't have the ability to enable it by themselves?

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Community Coach

Hi there @kbarclay! You are halfway there; if you have a feature disabled and do not want anyone to turn it on at the course level as well, you need to "lock" it. There will be a lock icon next to the enable/disable option- click on it to close the lock so folks cannot toggle the feature in their courses.

Screenshot 2024-04-17 090715.png

Basically, if it is unlocked, the feature defaults to enabled/disabled based on what you put, but folks are still able to change it in their courses. Locking it sets it as the only option.  

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