New Quizzes item analysis for large classes and tests

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Classic quizzes has limits on the number of students and attempts: "To maintain optimum course performance in the Canvas interface, the maximum values for calculation are 1000 submissions or 100 questions. For instance, a quiz with 200 questions will not generate quiz statistics. However, a quiz with 75 questions will generate quiz statistics until the quiz has reached 1000 attempts."

Many faculty at my institution are still hanging on to classic quizzes, and I'm wondering how the item analysis works for large (100+) classes. Has anyone seen how it performs? I couldn't find anything in the documentation on limits to its power.


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Hi @james_umphres1, the new Quiz and Item Analysis should be able to handle large quizzes (in class size, attempts number or question number). It might take longer time to generate but you should be fine. 

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