New Quizzes - "Build" Works Differently When Clicked from Drop Down vs. From Assignment Settings Screen

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When you are on the settings screen for a given "new quiz" you have the buttons to "Cancel," "Save," or "Build."


If you select "Build" there, it opens the "Build" screen as essentially a whole new webpage where you can't see the rest of your Canvas page as normal. However, I just discovered that if you click the three little dots to the right of the assignment (either in the "Assignments" screen or directly from a Module), it opens the "Build" screen as essentially a little window within your normal Canvas page (similar to what you can do with Zoom or other plugins).

The latter option is FAR preferable. I think Instructure should update the "Build" button within the assignment settings screen to function the same way. I actually didn't know that the good way existed until today.

I've attached screen clippings of the two outcomes.