Option to build on prior attempt in quizzes.

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Our campus is moving to Canvas from Moodle.  One feature in Moodle quizzes that I very much miss is the ability for students to build on prior attempts in a quiz.  I don't want them wasting their time filling in the answers to questions they already correctly answered in a prior attempt.  I would like to request that this feature be included as an option in new quizzes.

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it is added and I am not sure whether it is working correctly.



I hope this is helpful.


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 Yes, it should work. I have 25 questions on my quizzes and all 25 questions are from item banks. However, it is not clear how the build on prior attempt works since my students still get 25 different questions when they attempt their second attempt. I was hoping that they don't have to do the ones they got right.   

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