Outcomes, Item Banks and New Quizzes

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I am really hoping someone has figured this out. I built a 108 question item bank at the root level for my university. It only shows in All Item Banks. I don't remember choosing anything to get it there. I just went into Item Bank in my Admin login, and started a new one. Each question is coded and tagged so I can find them by date added, and outcome code. I attached the matching outcome to each question.  

quiz question.PNG

I built a quiz in a course using New Quizzes in the master course, importing the questions from the item bank, randomizing the questions. That all worked beautifully. We copied the section and the students took the exam which also went fine. 

Here's the problem. When I run the Outcomes Analysis it shows the total score under every outcome rather than the X of Y score I was looking for.


I've been back and forth with support on this and got escalated to L2 and was told 

Our guide states "Outcomes associated with questions from item banks do not display in the Outcomes Analysis report." Only the outcomes directly linked on the quiz will be in that report. https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Instructor-Guide/How-do-I-view-reports-for-a-quiz-in-New-Quizzes/...

I have 2 questions.

1. What did I do wrong in the setup? Was I supposed to build the bank in the course? Can you even do that?

2. Is there a way to correct the reporting on the students who have taken the exam? Fortunately its only 9 students.