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Please add New Quiz content type: Option Selection

I moved over from Google Forms. My three biggest losses:

1. Ability to insert images without needing to answer a question.
           - the point: super helpful for multi-step questions & for setting a "mood." Rigid aesthetic options bore my students.

2. Ability to export student results into a spreadsheet.

3. And finally my request: I need a content type that works like Multiple Choice, but any of the options are fine to choose. Of course I can set the points to zero for Multiple Choice/Answer, but you still get a BIG RED "incorrect answer" symbol as your feedback. Not good.

I don't care if it's an option within Multiple Choice [e.g., "Click to Turn off Grading Response for this Question"] or a new "Option Selection" type.

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#3 would be especially valuable to consider when it comes to Mastery Path - the choices may influence different paths (eg consider a scenario based learning activity where you're having different decision points)

you don't want to convey wrong or right, there may be varying degrees of wrong or right, or they may not be a wrong or right at all.

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I realize your request is for students not to answer a question, but maybe this workaround will help.

Use the multiple choice (deleting options down to two options) as section dividers. These multiple-choice questions let the students know they have finished level 1 questions (animated gif of fireworks) and will now be asked level 2 questions. They are asked if they understand, yes or no (true / false). The question is marked as worth zero points. 

Opening Section.pngSection Divider Blast from the Past.png

Section Divider Level 2.png

The level dividers are kept in an item bank titled "Level Dividers" ... and added as the quiz is built.

I hope this helps. 

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