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Respondus LockDown Browser Settings Not Copying with New Quiz

We are currently investigating an issue where it appears that Respondus LockDown Browser Settings for a New Quiz are not included when copying to another course.  After receiving reports of the issue multiple times from our Instructional Designers, we tried to duplicate the issue.  In the original course, the New Quiz is configured to use LockDown Browser and Monitor.  We confirmed this in the Respondus tool and confirmed it by checking the Assignment API details for the new quiz.  However, when we copied it to a new course, the title still reflected that it should be using Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor, but it was no longer configured to require this.  When checking the Respondus settings it shows the quiz as not requiring it and when we check the Assignment API details for the new quiz it is set to false. It seems this part of the Assignment settings are not being copied with the Copy To functionality.

Is anyone else experiencing this or a similar issue? *We have reported it to Canvas Support too

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Thanks for posting about this issue. I tested this by importing selected content from one course to another. According to the RLDB dashboard, the imported NQ assignment did not require RLDB, but its name indicated that it did.


You're welcome! I hope posting this here helps other users know about this limitation so they can prepare to find a way to handle it as needed at their school/university.

According to Canvas Support this has been reported by multiple users and they are currently investigating the issue.  They aren't sure when the issue will be resolved and they aren't sure when this will be posted as a Known Issue in the Canvas Community.