Sharing Item banks is slow (and unnecessary?)

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My biggest struggle with using New Quizzes is that fact that item banks are not automatically shared with the Course-Coordinators of the course. I've been creating item banks for several courses and each one has to be manually shared with other teaching staff to give them the option to view or edit them.


Staff cannot even view the item banks unless they are shared with them. Why is read-only access restricted? They can preview a quiz that uses an item bank, but can't go through the bank to conduct QA on the questions. Surely all teaching staff assigned to a Canvas site should be given access to all teaching materials on that site?

I'm working with hundreds of item banks and the thing that really slows down my workflow is sharing each one with the correct staff/course. Every single time I have to use a search-bar to find the right people/course. IT IS EXTREMELY SLOW and surprisingly inaccurate at times. It never remembers previous searches and there is not way to manually enter the ID of the recipient.

The search-bar starts searching while you type and returns bad searches from the first keystrokes, before returning better ones. Each search is making a server request that takes several seconds each time. it requires screen focus the whole time, so I can't do anything else while it's waiting for the search to come back.

For me, I know exactly who I want to share these item banks with. Let me send their IDs to the server. Don't repeatedly fetch them every single time. It's a waste of bandwidth and my time. Or even better, make them automatically shared with any course that uses them.

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