Sharing question bank with a teacher - if they edit/delete questions does that change on my end?

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I created a question bank of about 40 questions for my upcoming test in new quizzes. For the test, I set it to select 20 random questions from the bank. This way students can have 2nd and 3rd attempts at the test, but it's not necessarily going to be the same exact questions.

I shared my question bank with another teacher and she is going to do the same thing. However, if she decides to edit or delete a question from the bank, does it disappear on my end too? How can we avoid this problem so she can edit/delete without changing my questions on my end?

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The only way I've found to do that, as things are right now, is to "unload" the question bank into a quiz and then hit the "copy" button on each individual question. The copied content won't be in the item bank and the instructor would then be free to remove the banked items from that quiz and edit the copied versions. It is pretty time-consuming to get it to that point, though.

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