Vary points by question grayed out in regrade

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I'm trying to regrade a quiz, and I want to award a variety of points per answer on a multiple choice question retroactively because so many people got the question wrong. So essentially the people who got it right would get full credit, and there are others who I want to get partial credit based on the other most common answer. 

When I attempt to do this, the option to select the "Vary Points By Answer" is grayed out and will not allow me to select this choice. If I try to select another answer it just changes to that answer, but doesn't add another possible answer. I have attached an image to show the issue. 

Thanks for any help! 

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Hello @ajhall24 

I was able to test this out and wanted to share my findings. 

First off, I totally understand the confusion surrounding this. For some reason this is not documented in the regrade guide for new quizzes. What I found in my testing is that that the check box for Vary points by answer cannot be changed when regrading a multiple choice question in Speedgrader. This would have to be configured prior to the students taking a quiz that contains the question. 

The only work around I found is to manually give a score to the students in Speedgrader on the specific question. 

Hopefully this helps! 





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