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I'm not happy with the functionality of the new quizzes in Canvas and would like to go back to using classic quizzes. I've unfortunately already created a number of item banks. I've found documentation for migrating question banks for classic quizzes to item banks for the new quizzes, but is there a way to go backwards?

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Community Coach

Thank you @TaiMelcher for exploring New Quizzes and for sharing your experience. A New Quiz can be exported, and the export can then be imported into a Canvas course and converted to a Classic Quiz if the "import as New Quizzes" is not selected:

Import as New Quizzes is not selected.Import as New Quizzes is not selected.

I did a test with a New Quiz with one FIB question and it works, but the question reference changed to a string of characters:

New Quiz:
New Quiz FIB questionNew Quiz FIB question

Re-imported as Classic Quiz:
Imported FIB question in Classic QuizImported FIB question in Classic Quiz

Note that from a student's perspective the question works; it's from our perspective that the string of characters appears. I did not explore other question types.

I’m going to mark my response as a solution, but there can be more than one. I hope our colleagues here in the Community can share other options.

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