"New Quizzes" header missing from Module Requirements > Item Dropdown Menu

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A faculty member at my institution just brought this to our attention: the header for New Quizzes module items is missing from the Module Requirements > Item Dropdown Menu. (The "Quizzes" header still displays for the CQ items in a module, but not for the NQ items.)


Has anyone else noticed this issue? 

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I just took a quick look at the module requirement dropdown menu in my test site (in Production), and the New Quizzes items are showing up under the Assignments header. I believe initially New Quizzes items were found under Assignments when we tried to add a NQ to a module, which was a source of confusion. I am guessing the update that moved the New Quizzes items back to the Quizzes header didn't extend to the module requirement section.

I also noticed in my test course a couple of New Quizzes items that were added to the module before this fix were not listed under any header. They were found at the bottom in a separate section. Once I removed them and re-add them to the module, they then appear under the Assignments header. 

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