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My self graded new quizzes do not show in speedgrader because they don´t need grading. I like to leave feedback on them and review them to know how my students are doing. I have to do this through the gradebook. Is there a way to make self graded quizzes come up in the speedgrader? 

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In SpeedGrader, click on the student's name in the top right corner. You should see a scrolling list of all your students. If you know whose assignment you need, you can click their name. That way you do not have to scroll through all assignments, including those with feedback, to find those you need.


I also suffer from having to click through a whole class's worth of assignments to find one or two that need comments or regrading. If all your students turn in their quizzes at the same time, you can go through them all in one sitting, and stop when you see you are back to the beginning. If they take their quizzes at different times, then yes, you get stuck clicking through all of them several times. I use SpeedGrader to check the quiz grades after the class period when 90% of my students take them, and then again after the last time to submit the quiz has passed.



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That is annoying.


If the quiz has even 1 question that is not computer-graded, it will show in the Gradebook as needing grading instead of as a number grade.  Then you can click on that one assignment, go into SpeedGrader to grade it, and then jump back into the Gradebook from the icon in the top left corner. It will be slow, but it's better than clicking through every single quiz looking for one that needs to be graded.

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@patricia_lipsey To make the submissions needing feedback easier to locate, you may want to consider sorting the students in SpeedGrader by the time they submitted to the assignment.  As explained in How do I sort the student list in SpeedGrader? you can sort the students by the submission time, which would make locating the students that have recently submitted and are still needing feedback much easier to locate.

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