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New Quizzes Feature Comparison

New Quizzes Feature Comparison

The following tables below show the current functionality available in New Quizzes compared to the functionality in Canvas Quizzes.

Additional functionality will continue to be added per the roadmap timeline in User Group: New Quizzes‌.


Canvas Workflows

  Classic Quizzes New Quizzes
Course Copy
Common Cartridge Import
QTI Import
Quiz Exports (content and files)
Duplicate Quiz from Quizzes page  
Third-party Integrations (Proctor/Security)  
Third-Party Item Types (Integration Framework) %  
Blueprint Courses Initial sync only
Ability to configure in *
Loss of Connectivity message when relevant %
Role permissions support  
  • Designer role support
  • Observer role support
  • TA role support
Ability to enable at sub-account/course levels via flag N/A
Quiz content migration from Canvas N/A
Question Bank content migration from Canvas N/A  

% - Partial solution 



  Classic Quizzes New Quizzes

Import Content into Individual Quiz


Create Practice Quiz

Create an assignment worth 0 points*

Create Ungraded Quiz

Create an assignment worth 0 points and select option to exclude from final grade*

Create Survey  
Preview quiz (student view)
API access to quizzes  
LockDown browser support
Customize Question Feedback
Leave/Resume Quiz
Manage Question Banks/Item Banks
  • Bookmark Banks
  • Copy/Move Banked Questions
  • Delete Banks
  • Import Banks
  • Randomize Bank Questions
  • Share item banks
  • Tag banked items with metadata
  • Search content within an item bank
Regrade Questions

Reorder Questions

Rich Content Editor
  • Record audio and video
  • Content Selector Sidebar
  • Accessibility Checker
  • Apps and LTI tools
  • HTML Editor
  • Insert media iframe
  • Right-to-left/left-to-right formatting buttons

* Not supported; workaround option


Item/Question Types

  Classic Quizzes New Quizzes
Fill in the Blank
Fill in Multiple Blanks Use Fill in the Blank question*
File Upload
Multiple Answer
Multiple Choice
Multiple Dropdown Use Fill in the Blank question*
Text (No Question) Text can be included as stimulus content, but the stimulus type requires adding questions related to the content*
Hot Spot  

* Not supported; workaround option


  Classic Quizzes New Quizzes
Allow Multiple Attempts (All Students)
Allow Multiple Attempts (Individual Student)
Require Waiting Period Between Attempts  
Display One Question at Time
Require Access Code
Set Time Limit
Shuffle Questions Globally  
Shuffle Answers Globally
Hide Student Responses
Filter IP Addresses
Assign to Individual Student *
Assign to Section *
Set Availability Dates *
Shuffle Answers per Question  

* Customize by editing the assignment in Canvas


Grading & Moderation

  Classic Quizzes New Quizzes
Add Extra Time (Individual Student, for the whole course)  
Add Extra Time (Individual Student, for the assessment)
Add Extra Attempt (Individual Student, for the assessment)
View Moderation Page
Manually Submit Attempts
View Quiz Log
View Student Results
Automatic grading of questions
Add Fudge Points
Grade One Question at a Time (SpeedGrader)  



  Classic Quizzes New Quizzes*
Item Analysis
Summary Statistics
Quintile Performance  
Student Analysis CSV  

* Reports may take up to 24 hours to generate

Labels (1)

I have been anxiously awaiting the new changes to Canvas quiz features. However, looking at the comparison list above has me a bit concerned. I am hoping that I am misunderstanding something? For example, I see that Quizzes LTI appears not to include Grading & Moderation > Add Extra Time. Would this still be available in the 'Moderate this Quiz' page? - it is an important function for students with DRC accommodations. Is there somthing new here that addresses the "Ignore Lowest' versus 'Keep Highest' within an Assignment Group issue, or options for Extra Credit Quizzes? The lack of Import/Delete Banks also has me a bit nervous. Where might I best find answers to these, and similar question? Thank you! 

First off, this feature comparison is a great resource, thanks to Canvas for publishing it!

With that said, I had very similar concerns as Kimberly when I read through it and saw some of the missing items in the Quizzes LTI functionality. Some of the items make me very worried about whether our instructors will have any interest in using the new tool. In all of the presentations I've seen, there has never been mention (to my knowledge) that the new tool would not match functionality of the existing tool. When I asked our CSM about a few of the glaring omissions, she noted that several of these items that are "blank" under the LTI column are still expected by full roll out. If that's true, it would be really helpful if this resource could be updated with some type of notation for the expected features, and by when they are expected, if at all possible. That way only blanks would be left for items that really aren't being worked on or considered.  This information would really help to reduce or affirm our concerns, and help us communicate and set expectations with our instructors.

Hi  @kimberly_smith2 ‌

Our school is just now getting ready to beta test the Quizzes.Next LTI, and not only is Moderation available, but it has been incredibly improved. Now when extending time for a student, you can extend that time for all quizzes in one shot instead of needing to open Moderation in every quiz one at a time to do this.

And yes, Grading is available, just as it is with all Canvas assignments - both auto-grading and manual.

I hope this helps alleviate your fears.


Thank you Kelley

This does alleviate some of my concerns.


Kimberly Smith

Will there be a quiz/test PRINT feature that will allow variations with associated test keys? 

Hello Jarlyn White,

It does seem there will be new print functions available. Jason Sparks provides some great information about this, and other upcoming features when Quizzes.Next rolls out at  InstCon16 | Quizzes.Next: Modern Quizzing in Canvas - YouTube 


Since your school is beta testing this, does the new feature allow you to shuffle questions?  I know that shuffle answers is an option, but a teacher I work with asked about this feature.



Not yet, but I understand it is coming.

Kelley, a couple of questions about your understanding about the Quizzes LTI.  My understanding is that when completed the new quiz engine will include all of the functionality of the current quizzing engine, plus all the new features we have been hearing about.  I know the table shows current functionality, but do you believe that as things move forward the features currently marked as only present in Quizzes will be added to Quizzes LTI?  Also, watching , Jason Sparks suggests the ability to tag questions with keywords is in the works.  Have you seen anything like this as part of the new quiz engine?  This is something we would like at our institution as for some of our professional programs we need to note the topic and type of question being created so student performance can be measured against these tags.  I would also like to be able to note in other instances if questions relate to a particular level of Bloom's Taxonomy.

Thanks for any insight here!

Hi ericwerth

  1. Do you believe that as things move forward the features currently marked as only present in Quizzes will be added to Quizzes LTI? Yes, but don't quote me!
  2. Jason Sparks suggests the ability to tag questions with keywords is in the works.  Have you seen anything like this as part of the new quiz engine?  Not yet, but I would love to see it!
  3. I would also like to be able to note in other instances if questions relate to a particular level of Bloom's Taxonomy. That could be useful, but I have heard nothing along those lines.

There is still some very basic functionality that I see as a must-have before this product can be released to production:

  • Use existing Question Banks in LTI Quizzes
  • Copy quizzes with question items into another course.
  • Delete and import Item Banks.
  • Moderation displaying entire course roster, instead of just quiz submitters as it currently functions,
  • Create practice quizzes and surveys,

Thanks  @kmeeusen !  I agree with your list.  I know this has come up in other discussions but the ability to grade certain question types with Speedgrader and integration with secure web browsers like Respondus would also be important.  I realize that the new and old quiz systems will exist concurrently for some time, but many faculty will not use the Quizzes LTI if it means that they have to create some quizzes in the old system as well (such as to create a survey or use existing test banks).

I agree, Eric!

It is the transition or migration that most concerns me. Faculty will not use the new tool if it does not at least have parity with the old system, and as an external URL assignment tool, it is already behind that curve. I can deal with its LTI status, but only if there is at least parity with the existing tool, although marked improvement would be best.

Faculty are rather strongly resistant to change, and adamantly opposed when there is no obvious improvement.

I am trying to figure out how to create a quiz that my students will take multiple times and I keep the highest grade.  I figured all that out - however I can not figure out how to NOT show the correct answers until a specific time.  Can anyone help me with the 'show correct answers' setting(s)?

I agree that being able to use existing Question Banks in LTI Quizzes is a must.  Our department put a lot of time over the summer into creating banks for much of our curriculum, and to have to recreate all of that for the LTI Quizzes would be very deflating.  @kmeeusen ‌'s last comment about change (especially when that change seems like a step backwards) being something many would resist seems especially pertinent.

 @wgargaro ,

Are you attempting to do this in the Quizzes LTI or in classic Canvas Quizzes? As far as I am aware, this option is not available in the Quizzes LTI right now.


We are trying to do this in LTI. Is there a projected date this will be


On Thu, Oct 26, 2017 at 1:35 PM, Canvas Doc Team <>

I am not seeing the Extra Credit Quiz option in LTI that Jason mentioned? Is this embedded with a feature already listed? 

Is there a way to view this LTI beta version. I know there is [school] I am pretty sure that is not the LTI beta version, or I am sorely disappointed.

 @CraigOgden ‌, the Quizzes LTI is currently in limited beta. If you are interested in participating, please contact (or ask your Canvas Admin to contact) your school's Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Hi Kelley.  Not sure that it is helpful for everyone as it may be common knowledge, but I did find a way to move questions from an existing Canvas course to the Quizzes LTI bank.  It is not a simple process but I wanted to move over a large number of items and it saves time versus recreating questions.

I tried to export my quizzes from an existing Canvas course and using the "import content" feature of Quizzes LTI but this did not work (received an error message).  I found this discussion Download Question Banks into a Readable File Format where Ken Black referenced this explanation by Stephanie Sanders, Export individual question banks.  

My first thought was to create a single quiz as Stephanie described by adding multiple question groups linking to each of my question banks.  When I tried to import this quiz export into Quizzes LTI, I was told the import was successful but could not see any of the questions.  I tried to add a question myself, and it numbered my question as though the import was successful but there were no other questions in the new bank.

I next tried to create a quiz in the existing system and instead of creating question groups, I used the "find questions" feature to add all of the questions from my question banks to the quiz.  When I exported this quiz and imported it into a Quizzes LTI question bank, all of the questions came over.

I have to believe that as development continues there will be an easy way to move question banks directly from the older system to the new, but at least this will work for those at my institution that would like to use Quizzes LTI but not if it means recreating questions that were already made in the existing quiz engine!

Awesome work-round, Eric! Thanks!

We have not built this yet.  This feature has been deferred for the time being, but it is still in our plans.

Hi Deactivated user.  I want to start by thanking you and your team for all their work on Quizzes LTI.  I like the functionality of what I have seen so far.  I hope you don't mind, but I was wondering if you can provide some information on top priorities as development of this tool continues.  Are there particular items and features that are more immediate than others?  I'm sure that a number of folks have their own opinion, but as I work with faculty on quizzing options, here are a few items that I understand are on the development plan but not currently available that if included in Quizzes LTI would would be very helpful.

  • Ability to create surveys and practice quizzes
  • Ability to hide the correct answers from students between quiz attempts
  • Ability to import existing quiz banks into Quizzes LTI (easier than the workaround described in an earlier post)
  • Ability for quiz banks and content to copy from one iteration of a course to another.

I appreciate any information you can provide as to where these are in terms of development priorities!



We are hard at work preparing for the general availability of the tool.  This includes honing the core application for quality and scalability as well as looking at additional non-functional requirements.  Our roadmap for Quizzes.Next is extensive.  For now, in addition to core quality, we are planning work for content migration from Quizzes Classic to Quizzes.Next, course copy, common cartridge import support, and enhancements to the new item banks tools (favoriting, tagging items with metadata, and sharing).  Surveys are on our longer-term roadmap.

Item banks in Quizzes.Next already follow the user and do not need to be "added" or "re-discovered" when you are in a new course--like a new puppy, they go where you go!

Thank you for your post and your on-going participation here.  I really appreciate you taking the time to post this question.

Kind regards,


Thanks for the information Jason!  I look forward to continue working with Quizzes LTI.

I would very much like to be a beta tester for this quiz platform. I do not know if CSUN is a beta site. I use exams as a learning tool for students. It is a course requirement for each student to prepare multiple choice items which I use in the exams. No duplicates. Reference required so must be a field for that. The exams are built by importing the items from the class Q bank. All is transparent. I would welcome the opportunity to use the new platform in the coming Spring term. Respondus worked nicely with moodle but not so well with Canvas.

Hi  @sstumpf ‌, you might try getting in touch with the Instructure customer support manager for your institution about this.  I worked through our CSM when we wanted to be part of the beta group.  If you haven't been in contact with a CSM in the past, you might try opening discussions about this with your IT or LMS support team at your institution.

Best of luck!


Hello Eric W. Thanks for the reply. CSM is customer service manager? I will try to dig a bit deeper on campus.

Actually  @sstumpf , thinking about it again I believe CSM stands for customer success manager. I have spoken to several of these individuals and all have been fantastic.  Good luck!

You haven't indicated in this list how Quizzes and Quizzes LTI compare with: Show correct/incorrect answers (LTI doesn't seem to do this) and also the ability to preview the quiz in student mode. Also it was mentioned at the 2016 intro at InstructorCon that there would be an ability for institutions to design custom question types via API, is that still true?

The document states that Student analysis CSV report should be available.

But i can't seem to find it in the documentation or in our testing?

anyone with any hint to where it might hide?

Hi  @lars_vemund_sol ,

It looks like I may have goofed on this. A report similar to the Student Analysis CSV is available in Gauge, which uses the same base quizzing engine, but not the Quizzes LTI. I apologize for the error and will correct that mistake right away.

Hi  @barish_golland ,

While I do not know the answer to your last question, I can certainly look at updating this table to address the other concerns you have raised. Thank you very much for your feedback.

It apears that when you mute a QuizzesNext assignment in the gradebook, this doesn't actually prevent the students from seeing the grade because they are able to go into Assignments, click on the QuizzesNext link and look at their previous attempts with their scores. So the LTI connection doesn't seem to mute the score in the actual QuizzesNext interface. Wondering if this is on the development radar.

That is good news.  It would be helpful to have the chart updated so that it is accurate.  Teachers in my building who are looking forward to the new Quiz LTI want to know everything it will do and allow them to do.

I wonder if this isn't something you might want to submit a Problem Report for? It seems like this may be a 'bug' that developers would want to be aware of. 

Thanks  @kmeeusen ‌ for this list! These are exactly the issues that we are seeing in our testing that will need to be resolved before we can rollout using Quizzes.Next with our instructors.

Hi Jason! Are surveys no longer on the long-term roadmap because they are on the short-term roadmap? Or are they no longer going to be a part of Canvas....and if so, what do you suggest as a solution?


I don't seem to be able to comment in FAQ: Quizzes.Next, so I will add a comment here.  The FAQ indicates that it is not possible to duplicate an assessment and I am wondering if that is still accurate.  The "Duplicate" option appears in the options dropdown in the Assignments tool and it seems to create a second copy of the assessment and corresponding GB item.  Are there any known issues with how the duplicate function works with Quizzes.Next quizzes?

A feature that's missing on the comparison sheet for Moderation options that is REALLY useful in the current (not .next) version of quizzes is the ability to add extra attempts for an individual student. Not having this feature coupled with the inability to delete attempts poses huge problems in the event that a student runs into unexpected issues while taking a quiz.

 @michael_mcgarry ,

I have added a note to the tables above to address this difference. Thanks for your comment!

Hi  @leward ,

I will take a look at updating the FAQ based off this change. Thank you for leaving this comment!

Thanks  @ctitmus . In my experience, this feature for individual students has proven quite helpful, so it might be worth adding it as a feature to be considered for the full build.

Yes, this is a big one!

Hello - my teachers have just barely started using Quizzes.Next and they're loving what they see!  Thank you for all the work on this project - we're really excited about the possibilities!

I see this question above, but was wondering about an update.  The feature my teachers are most concerned about that's missing is a timing option for  "Show Correct Answers" - is there a timeline on that?  Thanks!


Can someone address the missing checkmarks in the Quizzes Next column!

Hello  @kaw ,

Now that Quizzes.Next is available to all Canvas customers, the developers are working on getting Quizzes.Next to feature parity with Canvas Quizzes. This means that all functions of Canvas Quizzes will have an equal or better solution in Quizzes.Next. Canvas Quizzes will remain available for the duration of this feature parity stage and for some time after that is achieved.

One feature in Quizzes.Next but not the old quizzes is text matching in fill in the blank questions.

It is documented here:  

I've been using the bata all year and the one thing that I am really concerned about is that immediately upon completing the quiz students see their responses and the correct responses. It is practically impossible to prevent cheating when one student can finish the test, take a screen shot of the correct answers and then air drop it to the rest of the class. 

Also, what is the point of multiple attempts if the students can see the correct answers after the first attempt?

This is a must fix issue. The old system has the functionality to hide correct answers. Will this be fixed on the LTI before the start of the school year?

Several features are checked off, but only partially or not really implemented.
For example, these claims are not accurate. 

1. Included in Course Copy
2. Manage Question Banks/Item Banks
  • 3. Copy/Move Banked Questions

1. The itembanks are not copied in an export or course copy, only links are provided to the banks in the LTI, and they will only be accessible or editable by their original creator, not by a new instructor.

2. Only the original creator can manage Item banks, and even then there are serious, unresolved hassles. Only the original author can see, copy, and move banked questions, and there are difficulties in moving when an author has more than 50 banks. And how many courses will it take before an author reaches that #?