We’re Listening: New Quizzes Features, Classic Quizzes Timeline

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One of the things that made me want to join the Instructure team as the chief product officer was the culture of transparency that it has developed over the years. When I joined Instructure earlier this year, I felt it was really important to hear from our customers as we prioritize development of our products. I’ve spent the last several months meeting with our customers and hearing their unique needs. I want to thank you for being so open with me about the challenges you face! I sincerely value the amount of trust you place in us to get it right. 


We Hear You

Many of our customers wanted to talk about New Quizzes. I heard loud and clear that our rollout of the tool has been… uhh… less than perfect. We hear you and I want to assure you that the development of New Quizzes is now our top priority. Many of you expressed a desire to engage with us on product decisions and rollouts before they happen. We’re committed to transparency throughout this process.


Elimination of the Deadline for Switching to New Quizzes

During a recent call with some of our university customers I heard, “reasons to switch to New Quizzes should be compelling, not compulsory.” I couldn’t agree more. We want our customers to use New Quizzes because it is the best solution available for achieving positive assessment outcomes, not because of arbitrary deadlines. So we are removing the deadline to switch to New Quizzes. This will give each customer the ability to consider what they need to be ready to make the most successful transition. Since we have a very diverse customer base, not all institutions will have the same priorities. We’ll continue to partner with each institution to meet their unique needs as they plan to transition to New Quizzes. 


The Path Forward for New Quizzes

Our customers have told us what they need to transition from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes successfully, and we’re making those features a priority. We understand that our customer base is diverse, and we’ll continue partnering with them to meet their unique needs as they transition to the new product. In addition, we’ll partner closely with institutions that have chosen to adopt and migrate to New Quizzes and ensure we account for their emerging needs in our ongoing product development. 


We’re Giving Everyone More Time

Our goal is to facilitate a seamless transition to New Quizzes when customers are ready—not because of an arbitrary deadline. So, we’ve eliminated the end-of-life date for Classic Quizzes for now. We hope that will ease the pressure on customers and give them time to plan an implementation of New Quizzes when it makes sense for their unique needs. 

However, we will focus our development energy on New Quizzes. It’s our top priority, so we will not be adding any new features to Classic Quizzes. However, we will continue to fix critical bugs and maintain the product.


We’re Here To Help

To help everyone migrate and transition to New Quizzes, we’ve created a New Quizzes Hub, where customers can find up-to-date roadmaps, release notes, and other resources to aid in the transition to the new product. We also encourage our customers to join The Community, where they can connect with their peers and learn from their experiences as they plan and deploy New Quizzes. 

We aim to meet our customers’ needs with every new feature in Canvas, and we believe New Quizzes is the best assessment tool on the market. We’ve listened to customers’ concerns about the product and migration deadline. So we’ve made changes to ensure everyone can move to New Quizzes when they’re ready. 

If you’ve transitioned to New Quizzes, we’d love to hear about your experience, and if you aren’t ready, we’d love to hear from you too.

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The content in this blog is over six months old, and the comments are closed. For the most recent product updates and discussions, you're encouraged to explore newer posts from Instructure's Product Managers.