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Partner Listing: aPlus Attendance

Partner Listing: aPlus Attendance

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aPlus+ Attendance


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aPlus+ Attendance is a specialist attendance solution provider. Our highly configurable solutions address the vast majority of attendance requirements and are up and running within a day in most cases.

Attend HE (Attend School is also available for K-12 with simplified features)

Attend provides a variety of attendance collection and reporting options to meet many of the common (and not so common), attendance use cases.

Collection Methods:

  • Manual Entry
  • Student Code Self Registration
  • Zoom Integration
  • Door lock Integration (in some cases)
  • Kiosks for Labs and Tutorials.
  • Readers (USB to Kiosks/Raspberry Pi, or USB to instructor PC)
  • Seating Charts
  • Assignment and Quiz Submissions

 Attendance types include:

  • Status Based
  • Clock Hour (actual and earned, for situations where an hour awarded is 50 mins actual)
  • Lab Tracking (count, visit count and clock hour)

Admin Features and Reports:

  • API access, and custom file extracts.
  • Centralized & automated reporting, to assist with Financial Aid, Student Success, and many others use cases.
  • Contact Tracing.
  • Automated Alerts for students and staff.
  • Athletic Attendance Management for athletic programs and other groups.
  • Scan management tools.

Miscellaneous Features:

  • Student View, via the Student Canvas App or browser - showing history, assigned seat, and self registration options (if activated).
  • Course specific instructor reports.
  • Integration with many popular Canvas retention tools.

Attend Core - Visitation, Lab, Event and Resource Tracking for Higher Ed 

Core allows you to register attendance in unscheduled situations.

aPlus+ will provide you with a custom web page that can be hosted as a kiosk on the hardware of your choice. Students can scan or sign in and out. Course selection or Visitation reason can be be collected.

Canvas integrated, this system can also feed data to Attend HE for monitoring open labs and such.


  • Lab Usage (time and visit count)
  • Resource Usage (Tutorial centers, advisors, labs)
  • Event attendance, register new attendees on the spot.
  • Any other situation where students need to be tracked without a schedule.

 Admin Features:

  • API access to all data.
  • Tailored reports
  • Full dashboard showing student movement and tracking results.


 Please reach out to us at  for more information.


Data encryption In transit, options for at rest
Countries of data storage USA, EU, APAC
Data storage method Cloud
Data retention policy Customer Defined


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