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Partner Listing: aPlus Attendance

Partner Listing: aPlus Attendance

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aPlus+ Attendance


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aPlus+ Attendance brings a tightly integrated ‘University Grade' attendance suite to Canvas, offering 'in person', remote and Zoom options for attendance collection.

Our solutions simplify (and can automate) attendance collection for instructors, exam moderators and coaches, while at the same time providing a powerful centralized reporting and attendance management system for power users.

Our attendance systems have been evolving for 15 years, and support many different  configurations and integrations (in addition to Canvas). In response to Covid-19 we have released Contact Tracing, Zoom Integration and Seating Plans; to make the pivot to online delivery and a return to onsite classes as seamless as possible.

Additionally - We now offer Canvas integrated attendance for unstructured situations such as Labs, Office Hours, and PBE learning;


Data encryption In transit, options for at rest
Countries of data storage USA, EU, APAC
Data storage method Cloud
Data retention policy Customer Defined


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