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Can professors see test questions that were answered incorrectly?

Hello! I'm currently taking a Bio 101 course and have had a series of "quizzes" through canvas + lockdown browser. After an exam, I usually follow up with the professor to see what questions were answered incorrectly in order to fill in any gaps in my knowledge or to "challenge" an answer. However, in this class, the professor says that she can't do that for me. I'm quite frustrated because in the past exam I took, I had no doubt in my answers and felt very confident, but still managed to get answers wrong. I emailed her again to see if she might have figured that issue out with canvas and she responded with:

"I unfortunately cannot release the tests that Canvas provides each student as the program randomly generates questions from test banks from different units."

Is there a way for her to see the questions and just screen share them with me? I'm very frustrated as the final is cumulative and at this point, I have no idea what I got wrong, or what I have misunderstood. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!  Thank you!

A very frustrated student, 

Maria M.

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I may be wrong with this answer (it is based on Classic Quizzes and ot New Quizzes), but If the teacher selects options on the Canvas Quiz for students to see the answers, then you will see all of the questions you had on your Canvas Quiz(you won't see ones that were not assigned to you), your answer and the correct answers.

I think your professor is unclear as to what is going on with Canvas Quizzes with the setting that allows students to see their answers.
If you want to push the issue, tell the professor to look at the following Canvas Documents:
for classic quizzes:
For New Quizzes:

In general, there are several instructor resource documents over everything with Canvas which are at:

I would send the professor these links in a a very polite email and ask them to reconsider allowing you to have access to the questions and answers for the questions on the quiz.

Good Luck

@bowmanr  Thank you so much for your response! I also went ahead and asked Canvas support for students and was informed that she is able to see it but if wishes to not disclose anything, then there's nothing that can be done. After bringing it up nicely, it seems like this is the case with the professor. What a shame. I appreciate your input! Have a wonderful day.