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Do Students Have Ability to Perform a Screencast Presentation?


I would my students to complete a task in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Upon completion, I would like them to use Studio to create a Screencast video to share their work on the Discussion Board.

Before I make this an assignment, I want to be sure my students have the necessary tools to complete it. Do students have access to Screencast or can they only perform a webcam response?



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Community Member‌, if your campus has Canvas Studio, the students should be able to record screencasts. I have my students do presentations with slides in Canvas Studio and post them to the discussion board. In my instructions, I do give students links to the canvas guides on using Studio, and I post an example of me doing the assignment in Canvas Studio as well. 

I hope that helps!

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Greetings! To add to what Dallas said, you can provide students the following guides to help them navigate this process:

How do I record a Canvas Studio screen capture video in a course? 

Hope this helps! Kona

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