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Imported Assignments

I make my assignments in my dummy class, and then import those assignments to my first period.  I fine-tune it in my first-period class and then I copy it out to my other classes.  In each class, I have set up in the assignments a section for the unit we are on.  I have the modules and assignments sections set up exactly the same.  I make sure the assignment that is now in first-period is in the correct module and assignment section for the unit.  I copy to my second period and the assignment is back in "Imported Assignments."  This happens for every single class.  After copying to the new class, I have to into the assignment and edit the assignment group, for each class.

Is there a way to copy an assignment to a new class and have the assignment group be the same as the original?

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Navigator II

Right now I believe it will only copy to an "imported assignments" group.  However, you might start an idea conversation about the mechanism for specifying an assignment group that would work best for you: