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Let Students See The Correct Answers After Available until date time

I want to let Students See The Correct Answers even after quiz available until date.  At this moment I can let them see the correct answer. However, I have to increase the Available Until date of the quiz. As a result a student can still take late quiz as it is available to them. Is there any way to let the answers available to the students but students will not be able to take the quiz anymore?

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I have this exact same question. I give students 3 attempts at a quiz and Canvas keeps the highest score. I set the quiz to "let students see correct answers after their last attempt" but the students who are happy with their first attempt grade don't want to retake the quiz 2 more times just to see the correct answers for the few questions they missed. 

So I changed it to reveal answers the date after it is due. Then it told me to change so the quiz is still available, which means if I want them to have access to those answers the rest of the term, the quiz is available to take for the rest of the term too! Any student who missed the quiz on time, I would have to go back and manually change their grade to a zero.

It's like you can't have both a due date when students can no longer TAKE the quiz and the availability to provide them the answers. The only way they can have the answers is if they can still take the quiz.

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