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Sorting through posts on Discussion Boards

I know in the past (2017) that this feature was not possible but I am hoping that it has since been updated. Is it possible to pin individual student comments at the top of individual discussion boards?  Or can these be sorted in any way?  This is a very important feature for some instructors.  

Thanks for your help!


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Hi @cascarja,

I'm looking for the ability to pin posts, too, and while I don't think it has been added to Canvas, I saw a good hack on this forum:

@akkaufmann  wrote:

Though there isn't an official way to pin a reply of a discussion, there is a work around that the instructor may be able to use.

If the instructor enables the 'Allow liking' option in the discussion and then enables the two sub-options "only graders can like' and 'Sort by likes' the instructor can then 'like' the post(s) that they want to appear at the top.

This guide explains how to enable liking:

How do I allow students to like replies in a discussion? 

This guide explains how to like a post: 

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