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What's the best way to reduce a size in video, yet still have decent quality?

A teacher at my school recorded himself using the Canvas recording feature in the RCE and uploaded it to Canvas.  The video (which was literally just him lecturing) was close to 22 minutes long, however the size of the file itself was approximately 430 MB.  That's pretty large, for a 22 minute video, correct?  I've increased everyone's data to enable them to have more data due to our school closure and our heavy reliance upon online learning.  Is there a way to reduce the file size of the video yet still have decent quality?  Thanks.

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Community Coach
Community Coach


If you have the video file saved on your computer, one thing that you might consider doing is to upload the video to a YouTube account and set the sharing options such that only people with the link can access it.  Don't make the video lecture available to the general public.  This accomplishes a couple things...  First, it potentially frees up space in the course for other files.  Second, it mostly likely will take care of any concerns you have about video quality.  YouTube generally will play videos automatically based on your internet connection, and people can choose the video quality on their own if they want.  Do you think YouTube might be an option for you?


To consider: the Private format for Youtube videos is limited to views by 50 youtube users. The Unlisted format doesn't have that restriction but can be shared beyond the enrolled students.

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