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'require sequential order' is too restrictive?

assume that I have set up a module with the following items: 
A text file with instructions
B assignment [submission required]
C text file with feedback on assignment [view required]
D additional text file with supplementary material

I then use the Students must move through requirements in sequential order checkbox
with B and C as requirements.

It is then the case that the students can't see item D until they have completed both B and C.
I find this a bit strange, since D is not part of the requirements.

It seems that the requirement of order affects items in the module lower than the first requirement.
I.e., not only the items which I have marked as requirements.

In this specific case I can solve the problem easily by moving item D up to second place in the module.

But did I understand the working of requirements correctly?


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Navigator II

I had not noticed the impact to activities that are not required.  Based on the way the options were worded I would not have expected it. 

In some of my courses I need to have multipart modules in order to require sequential order where it is needed without blocking access where sequential order is not needed. 

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Surveyor II

I face exactly the same issue. On live chat, a Canvas representative told me that this is the desired behavior. This seems very strange.