Grade Sync Process

When a grade sync is requested from Canvas to your institution's SIS provider, the integration completes specific process steps to complete the sync.

Note: Instructure is a OneRoster Consumer. For OneRoster Consumer and Provider definitions, view the Introduction to OneRoster.


Process Step Step Actions
Fetch Snapshot Canvas grade passback information retrieved
Transform Snapshot Extracted data can be manipulated
Get Assignments Categories returned and parsed to match categories to appropriate sections via getCategories

Existing line items already in SIS retrieved viagetLineItemsForClass
Transform Assignments Matched categories assigned to Canvas Assignments

Existing sourcedIds assigned to assignments with same name and due date that exists in the SIS

Line Items formatted the into OneRoster format
Post Assignments Each assignment selected for GPB via putLineItem

Errors and output logged for Canvas user
Get Submissions Existing list of submissions in the course retrieved via getResultsForClass
Transform Submissions Existing sourcedIds for each result assigned by user and lineItem sourcedIds

Results formatted into OneRoster format
Post Submissions Each result record posted via putResult

Errors and output logged for Canvas user
Update Sync Time Sync metadata written, including sync time to Canvas assignments