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CAMS Enterprise and Canvas

I have been working in SIS integration between Canvas and CAMS Enterprise for about a year now.

Currently we have a workflow engine in place allowing us to run multiple SIS import configurations.

We have also developed a custom LTI app to allow faculty to post grades from their Canvas course directly to CAMS, which has been very well received by the registrar and faculty.  The next revision of the tool will include a gradebook analysis tool to help faculty recognize potential errors, and a rubric analysis tool.

If anyone else has been working with CAMS Enterprise I would be very happy to discuss hurdles and learning curves, as well as additional ideas for tools that would be helpful.

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We are looking to import grades from Canvas to CAMS too. I'd love to hear how y'all went about it. Any assistance would be much appreciated.


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 @dsoares ​ I have interfaced with CAMS Enterprise.

  • The first step was the SIS Import, exporting users, courses, enrollments, etc. from CAMS to Canvas, allowing the registrar to have full control over courses and rosters.  My approach was to create a workflow engine allowing us to schedule multiple types of imports.  For example, we can continue to import changes to the current semester while also importing changes for next semester.  We can schedule jobs to only import courses, or only users, or import everything, it gives us lots of flexibility.
  • Once Canvas started ramping up with the faculty, the feedback was that faculty did not like moving between two systems.  Specifically, grading in Canvas but having to re-enter grades in CAMS.  The solution was to develop an LTI app which provides a button in each course for faculty to submit their grades to CAMS when they are ready.  They can do all their grading, verify their grades, and when they are happy with the status of the grades for all students, they click the button and  we ship the grades over the CAMS.  So now Canvas is a one stop shop for their grading.

Developing the LTI application really opened the door for us to provide additional tools and reports.  Perhaps the most widely received feature (besides grade submission) was the gradebook analysis report:  Gradebook Analysis - Error Checking The Gradebook

Once you have your LTI in place, there is so much you can do.

I did see your question here:  Passback Integration between Canvas and CAMS , where you mention that you are using UNIT4, which is the latest and greatest version of CAMS.  Recently I had a conversation with CAMS and was told that UNIT4 would be implementing LIS (OneRoster and Learning Information Services | IMS Global Learning Consortium ) which would further automate the transfer of data between Canvas and CAMS.  I was also told that the UNIT4 database schema is significantly different, and our existing integration querries would not translate.

While discussing the potential of upgrading to UNIT4, it also sounded as though we would lose direct access to the database, and I wasn't clear on the availability of an API.  Please share any insight you have on this.

Unfortunately I have not yet had an opportunity to work with UNIT4, and can't speak directly to the claim of LIS.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks  @garth  We are already importing users and course information from CAMS to Canvas via an automated process. Step #2 that you outline above is exactly what we need to do so that faculty can submit grades back to CAMS which is the system of record. I don't know anything about LTI apps and need to read up some more on that. Any pointers (LTI related) would be much appreciated.

We are not using Unit4's latest SIS. I must have miscommunicated. We're still on CAMS.

Again, appreciate your help on this.


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 @dsoares ​ I have posted a couple of articles on LTI.

Here is a post with key resources that I found very useful:

I strongly recommend working through the online course that Canvas published:

I have also published a 3 part series on how to get started with LTI:

The articles use .NET for examples, but use technology of your choice, the concept is the same.

Once you get past Part 3, it is really up to you to decide what your LTI application will do, i.e. grade submission.

If you work through the Canvas course you will gain a solid understanding of all LTI variables involved.

Let me know if this helps you.

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Thank you  @garth ​ for the links. I found the online Canvas course yesterday and will work my way through the links you posted.



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Hi Garth,

Thanks for your great posts on Canvas integrations and CAMS Enterprise.  We too use CAMS Enterprise and are beginning to implement Canvas college-wide.

Would you be interested in a discussion about possibly sharing your work in this area?  

Best regards, Larson 

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 @lrogers3 ‌ I'd be happy to talk to you.

Will you be at InstructureCon next week?

If we don't meet up there, let's try to connect in August.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @garth ‌

This is what I love most about the Canvas Community - you said in your original discussion,

"I have been working in SIS integration between Canvas and CAMS Enterprise for about a year now."

Then  @lrogers3 ‌ says,

"Would you be interested in a discussion about possibly sharing your work in this area? "

 And you say,

"I'd be happy to talk to you."

This Community rocks!

Drop by the Community Booth at InstCon, Garth, I most certainly want to meet you in the flesh and shake your hand!

Agent K

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 @kmeeusen ‌ I will most definitely see you in Keystone, looking forward to it.