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Canvas/Skyward - successful Canvas post does not appear in SIS gradebook

I want to let others know of what I found today with one of our teachers using the Skyward gradebook integration.

The teacher tried several times to post grades to Skyward.  Each time she received the Success message in Canvas after posting, but the assignment and grades never showed in Skyward.

After looking at the obvious suspects, I got on the phone with Canvas support to request that they watch the transmission stream to identify what was happening.  It turns out an error message was being returned that never showed on the Canvas side.  The error message indicated a problem with the posting due to a deleted assignment or locked grading period.  Since I knew the grading period wasn't an issue, I looked into the deleted assignment angle.  Turns out, the teacher had deleted the assignments in Skyward, and then attempted to repost from Canvas.  Once I restored the deleted assignments (EAP Secondary Gradebook > Display Options > Restore Deleted Assignments), the grades came through with no problem.

As I never would have known or thought to check deleted assignments in Skyward without getting the transmission log results, I thought others might like to know about this. 

It would be helpful in these situations if some indication of an error message being returned from Skyward would show on the Canvas side.

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Thank you so much for posting this information. This helped immensely. I had some issues where Canvas was not updating the grades in Skyward and it was due to deleted assignments with the same name.

Gary, we found multiple assignments were being created when the teacher initially posted their grades, but then the grades didn't immediately appear in the SIS gradebook, so they clicked the post button again.  Then the teacher had multiple versions of the assignment in their gradebook, so they naturally deleted all but one.  This give them the deleted assignments with the same name, and the new grade posts could not be applied.

So we're now asking teachers to wait for the grades to appear in the SIS gradebook.  We're using 30 minutes as a rule, but it generally doesn't take that long.

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Hi there.  We are experiencing the same problem; however, a few of our teachers are adamant they are not going into Skyward and deleting them.  We are wondering if teachers are posting assignments with no grades attached (they've worked ahead, clicked on the Post to SIS, but haven't assigned yet) if that is causing Skyward to automatically dump into the deleted category. That seems to be a pattern but isn't always the case. I am also wondering if a student makes up an assessment past the due date, if it will post to Skyward?  We seem to have some little glitches here and there that we can't answer.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My problem was that my canvas was not syncing with skyward, so I decided to delete and resync into skyward but after that I got the message that I had deleted my assignment and couldn't figure out how to fix that. So, thanks again! 

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This has happened when the assignment was originally in Quarter 1 but the date was moved to Quarter 2. My skyward moves these assignments to deleted and no longer will sync with skyward. 


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