Canvas to PowerSchool "Request Failed" sync error

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Hello! I did not find this anywhere online, so I want to put it here for anyone else dealing with the issue. Many of our teachers had left their assignments in the "Imported Assignments" category. If you are syncing your Canvas grade book with PowerSchool, having assignments in this category will sometimes give you a simple "Request Failed" error (shown below), but not always. I have yet to figure out what this commonality is. To fix this, move everything in your "Imported Assignments" to other categories that match the category names in Canvas. 

request failed.PNG

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Hi @JostLeavell 

Thanks for reaching out in the community, I am sorry to see you haven't received a reply yet.

Since there are several reasons that this can come up I would advise reaching out to Canvas Support to investigate since it appears your SIS integration is Canvas managed.

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