Clearing integration data for a single assignment

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Hi all!  I need to learn how to clear integration data for a single assignment using an API call.  Can someone point me to a step-by-step resource on how to do this?  I don't have a background in computer science, but I learn quickly and can usually figure things out.  We are having a TON of grade sync issues with PowerSchool in our instance since we updated to OneRoster, and I'm having a hard time getting quick resolution to this.  

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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We don't use PowerSchool, however, you should be able to change integration_data of an assignment by sending a  PUT request to this endpoint:

If you only need to make a single API call then using Postman would be the easiest, you can take a look at setting up Postman here

If you need to make several API calls or you need to accomplish this task in bulk then you will need to write a script to automate API calls.


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