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I'm new to this group and I just starting teaching my first Canvas course today after having used Etudes for several years.

My question is, how do I stop getting emails every time a student posts in the discussion board?  I thought I turned off the appropriate notifications, but I guess I'm missing something.

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Instructure Alumni

Hello,  @agarner1  and  Welcome to the Canvas Community! We've noticed that you've posted this question in several different places. Since you're new here, you'll probably find it helpful to know that, rather than creating the question multiple times, you only have to write it once—and you can then "share" it to any other group of which you're a member by clicking on the Share button that appears at the upper right of the screen. That way, all of the responses will appear under a unified thread, and we can avoid parallel threads and duplicative efforts.

For a general question of this nature, it's best to start by posting to Find Answers‌; that way you can be assured of reaching the broadest possible audience.

We've locked this conversation, and ask that anyone who has responses for Aaron post them to Notifications Question  which we've moved to the general Find Answers space. Thanks!

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