Grade Pass Back Issues & Questions

Community Coach
Community Coach
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We did a pilot of using Grade Pass Back from Canvas to Infinite Campus in the Spring of 2019 and we discovered a few things. Anyone else have the same experience? Any ideas?
From our pilot we have discovered the following issues: 
  • If an assignment has a due date (2/13) with a time of 11:59pm it shows up in Infinite Campus with a due date of the next day (2/14).
  • If an assignment is marked "Late" in Canvas, that information does not pass back to Infinite Campus; the teacher has to manually flag the assignment in Infinite Campus.
  • Grade Pass Back will override "missing" flags in Infinite Campus but will not override "exempt" flags.
  • Every time a sync happens students/parents get notifications even if a grade has not changed. (Example, teacher grades late work, then passes those grades back. Even students whose work was not late, get a notification. 
  • Comments made in Infinite Campus are overwritten when grades from Canvas are synced.
  • Infinite Campus is not updating student percentages on their portals when missing assignments get overwritten. It usually takes 24-48 hours for their portal grades to be correct. 
Are these issues you also have discovered? Do you have any ideas or suggestions?  
Here are some additional questions I am working on getting answers to: 
  • Syncing syncs every assignment, even if it was already synced?
  • Can you just sync one assignment? One section?
  • Is there any way to delete an assignment that has been passed back before categorizing it?
Also, something our teachers discovered that I will mention. 
A teacher reported they could not see the attendance flags in assignments that were passed back from Canvas to Infinite Campus.
This made a little more work for the teacher to track down why a student did not have a grade. We reported this to Infinite Campus, so they are now aware of this issue and are going to have their developers look into it. There is no timeline for the issue to be resolved. Maybe the more people that report it will help get it fixed sooner!
Lastly, how did you train your staff on using Grade Pass Back? In person training? A video? Train the Trainer?
Thanks for any insight, feedback, or answers you might have.