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How do you know?

Hi everyone! My name is Sandra Doyle and I work as a teacher assistant in special education, in the past worked as classroom assistant in regular ed and also continue to pursue a degree in Liberal Arts for transfer but at this moment still undecided, I recently started a job in Lemon grove school district in San Diego Ca and as of today I continue to feel pulled in diverse directions when it comes to choose the major I will like to focus on, with already 3 years under the belt attending time and half and half time as a student of community college while working at Elementary levels I wish to know how or when you can see clearly if school setting is the choice to make. Don't take me wrong I love children and children love me back and I am drawn to see others succeed as well. But my question is how do you know if becoming a teacher other than either a counselor for example (which I am also drawn to) is your calling? 

Help because I do need some advice that can clear my head somehow of this questions that surround me continuously while in the search of my true calling. I guess what I will like to figure out is how do you know you're good enough at something.


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