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New Gradebook and Infinite Campus

In the new grade book instructors are able to auto apply a certain grade for a missing submission (zero in this case).  When the assignment syncs to Infinite Campus through GBP the zero does not transfer even though it appears in the Canvas grade book.  Has anyone else seen this issue?  I am wondering if it will be the same with the late policy grades as well?

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We are also having this problem. We are new to Canvas and working on the transition between IC and Canvas. If anyone would like to correspond and exchange best practices, my email is

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Was this ever answered?  I am having the same issue. I also want to know if I manually input zero, will it be overwritten by new score or will I have to manually change those as well?

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We found that any autofill grade posted by rule (zeros) will not populate into IC.  We do not use rules for autofilling grades in Canvas.