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PowerTeacher Pro Categories with Copied Courses

We imported categories from PowerTeacher Pro and synced grades with no problem.

Now we are in a new term. We copy our courses from term to term and adjust due dates, etc. When I just did a course copy, the PowerTeacher Pro categories from the copied course came over on the Assignments page.

Can I use these copied categories, or do I need to delete them and reimport them from PowerTeacher Pro for the new term's course?


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That is an awesome question!

I don't know for sure, but my hunch would be that if it has the sync symbol next to it, and the SISID of the Canvas course matches the CourseID in PowerSchool, then it's probably syncing to the correct place. Again, that's just a hunch.

Be sure to check back in and let us know if it worked!

Have a great week!


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Hello  @rjacklin and anyone else who is interested!

According to one of my teachers, the assignment groups get copied over but they don't work. This means you still have to import the assignment categories from PowerTeacher Pro and then move all of the assignments to the newly-imported categories. This also seems quite problematic to me in that you don't want to import categories that already exist in Canvas. I'm trying to find out what happened with that.

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Current Update:

When you do the course copy, the PowerTeacher Pro categories do get carried over. However, they apparently look like typical Canvas assignment groups rather than imported categories. You will need to re-import your categories from PowerTeacher Pro, move your assignments into those categories, and delete the originals that were created on the course copy.