Problems with syncing grades to SIS Progressbook

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Good morning  our school is new to canvas. We have progressbook. I have followed many of the steps in the forum and from our administrators . Nothing seems to work as far as getting my grades from canvas to progressbook.  


I keep getting the the following error codes when I goto sync grades

ASSIGNMENT_SCORES_EXPORT - 00081b73-354e-4222-b35b-c9953d74295f - PUT for ONEROSTER:LineItem[lineItem/lineItems]: 16.1 for class WCHS14321_19477 failed with HTTP Status: 400 with: [{"imsx_codeMajor":"failure","imsx_severity":"error","imsx_codeMinor":"invalid data","imsx_description":"lineItem.lineItem (Required property 'category' not found in JSON. Path 'lineItem', line 1, position 595.)"}]



Any help would be appreciated 


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