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I am a new Canvas administrator for our district.  The following issue was posed to me:

Within Canvas, I noticed that under Assignments, "Import Assignment Groups" has been replaced with "Sync SIS Categories."
However, when I go to choose a SIS Category it just says unassociated. 
I have spent hours on this and can't get it to work.
  • Yes, my categories are set up correctly in PowerSchool with corresponding weights (so everything matches) for every six weeks.
  • Yes, I've waited 24 hours for it to sync with each other.
  • I've restarted my computer.
  • Yes, my course is published.


As an admin, I have reviewed the Sync settings.  The only setting the user did not have turned on was the nightly sync.  Is there something else I am missing that would help with importing assignment groups to a course?

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I was told it will not work until after your enrollments have started.  Has your first day of the term started?

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