class.sourcedId / lineItem.sourcedId issues with Grade Sync (PowerSchool)

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi, is anybody encountering intermittent Grade Sync issues that involve a line that looks similar to:

"The specified lineItem.sourcedId value 'XXXXX' is not valid."

"The specified class.sourcedId value 'XXXXX' is not valid."

We use PowerSchool SIS in North Carolina in my district.

If I do a Remaster Grade Passback the issues do disappear, but it is becoming common enough that I'm getting support tickets about it. Before I put in a SIS escalation ticket, I'd like to solicit any feedback or ideas on why it's happening or if anybody else is also seeing these errors.

I also can't find it in the SIS Error Code dictionary under PowerSchool so it's also hard to find a solution I can point people to.