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Studio Release Notes (2021-09-27)

Studio Release Notes (2021-09-27)

In this Studio release (September 27), Studio supports media uploads from Vimeo. Additionally, the process for sharing media to individual users and revoking access has been simplified.


Studio is an online video platform that makes learning more impactful through active collaboration.  Learn more about Studio.

  New Features


Vimeo Support

Studio supports media uploads from Vimeo. Once a Vimeo video is added in Studio, users can add annotations, share access, and manage the media using the media tabs .

Note: Vimeo-native captions are not carried into Canvas Studio. Currently, Studio does not support caption transcripts for videos added via URL. To add captions to media, users must add captions in Studio.




To upload a Vimeo video to Studio, enter the video URL in the Vimeo link field. 



Vimeo media displays in the Media Library once it is successfully uploaded. Media added via Vimeo displays a Vimeo icon.




Admins can set Vimeo user role permissions in Studio settings. 




If the share settings for a Vimeo video changes to restrict public access, the Studio player indicates the video is unavailable. The video owner should be contacted to update to the video privacy settings within Vimeo.


  Updated Features


Sharing Media Updates

The process for sharing media to individual users and revoking access has been simplified.


The Add button has been removed from the workflow, allowing users to perform the sharing function with one confirmation click.




Additionally, the Revoke Access option allows removing a user from shared access.

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