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Studio Release Notes (2022-07-04)

Studio Release Notes (2022-07-04)

In this Studio release (July 4), new endpoints are available to provide tooling for admins in managing their media content across the entire account.

Studio release notes indicate features and updates that are currently available in the Studio beta environment. These updates will be available in production environments on the date indicated by the release notes.

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 New Features


API Support for Admin Data Management

New endpoints are available to provide tooling for admins to help manage their media content across the entire account. Using the new endpoints: 


  • Admins can query any information from any specific media – e.g. video metadata such as owner, duration, title, etc. But also, data to track where it was embedded, from whom it was shared with, to check if it has captions, etc.


  • Admins can search for media on an account-wide level. In addition to the title, owner, and tags–admins can also search for media between specified sizes and upload dates. This allows admins to find large or old media for storage management purposes. The search criteria system can be combined – e.g. all media uploaded in 2018 that are larger than 1GB.


  • Admins can query all media that a specific user has access to, including both those that they are owners of and those that are shared with them.


  • Admins can upload media on behalf of any user through the API.


  • Admins can query who has what level of permissions in regards to specific media. They can also edit the permission (view/edit) for any user.


  • When an instructor leaves the institution (e.g. due to retirement), their media can be retained and moved to another instructor’s Library. This will be done to all media at once. This will only move media which is not shared with anyone in Studio, those will still require manual work on the UI.


The Studio Public API documentation now includes the new endpoints, and a new GitHub repository includes example operations.

Please note that the API authorization process remains unchanged. 

For additional insight, view this blog post from our Studio product manager, Akos!

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