Additional Speedgrader Links in Canvas

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SpeedGrader is a powerful tool in Canvas that allows instructors to grade and provide feedback on student submissions easily. However, grading New Quizzes with manually-scored items can be time-consuming and cumbersome, as instructors need to go outside their current workflow to access SpeedGrader for a specific New Quiz. 

To reduce the amount of time spent navigating to Speedgrader, we’ve added access links within New Quizzes on the moderate page and in the menu of the build page. We have also added additional links to content index pages for all quizzes. And, for consistency, we’ve added these links for assignments and graded discussions as well. These links will only show for items that are published and can be graded. 

Having these additional links to SpeedGrader allows instructors to streamline their grading workflow and save time in providing feedback to students.

Read more in about this update in the Release Notes (2023-05-20)