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You asked. We answered! I’m thrilled to let you know that Admin Analytics will be available as a Feature Option with the March 29th Canvas deploy.


Admin Analytics is a new, in-app analytics space. It comes with Canvas LMS, as part of your Canvas LMS license. 

Three new analytics dashboards

Three dashboards show you data related to Canvas usage at your institution (think breadth of Canvas usage), Canvas course success (think depth of Canvas usage), and student engagement. 

Admin Analytics will help you answer questions like: 

  • Which courses are published or unpublished this term?
  • Which courses are published but did not have activity this academic year?
  • Are there students enrolled in courses this term who have not had any activity in their courses? Which students?
  • Which Canvas features are widely used and which are not? 
  • For those migrating to New Quizzes: Which courses are using New Quizzes? Can I find a power user? 
  • Are there courses where student averages are low? What about student engagement?
  • How are students doing across their Canvas courses?


Overview dashboardOverview dashboard

Course dashboardCourse dashboard

Student dashboardStudent dashboard

More options to filter or aggregate your data

As an admin, you can filter your data by:

  • Subaccount or sub-subaccount or sub-sub-subaccount or… you get the picture. You can filter at any level of your account hierarchy, and you can multi-select as many accounts as you’d like!
  • Term. Again, you can multi-select as many terms as you’d like, so if you want to get the full picture of your academic year, you can do that. 
  • Course. If you want to look at a specific course, or a few related courses, you can filter to that level of granularity. You can search for courses by name and select many at one time. 
  • Teacher. Search for specific teachers and see courses in which that teacher is enrolled across terms or subaccounts. 

You can also refine your data search by: 

  • Filtering on course status. For example, you can search for courses that are published with activity. 
  • Viewing “over time” data by week or month.
  • Setting criteria for how a “course with activity” is defined and how a “student with activity” is defined. 

Watch our video overview here!



Admin Analytics is available to Canvas users with the root and subaccount admin roles. Root account admins will be able to see data for the entire institution. Subaccount admins will see data for their subaccount, if they have both of the following permissions:

  • Grades - view all grades
  • Analytics - view pages



Why did we build Admin Analytics? You’ve been asking for more data to better understand and drive Canvas LMS usage at your institution. We absolutely want you to be able to do that! 

In the same way our Instructure product teams strive to make data-driven decisions, we know you want to do that for your institutions as well. This is one of a few steps we’re taking to get that data in your hands. (hello, Canvas Data 2!



Admin Analytics will be available as a Feature Option in the Canvas deploy on March 29th. This Feature Option will be OFF by default. 



Canvas LMS production instance

Enable Admin Analytics on March 29th, after the Canvas deploy, by going to Settings > Feature Options > Admin Analytics 

Admin Analytics Feature OptionAdmin Analytics Feature Option

Canvas LMS Beta instance

Admin Analytics will be available in your Canvas Beta instance after it is available in production. When beta is cut from production on Saturday, April 1st, you will be able to turn on Admin Analytics in your beta instance. 


Who (part 2) 

I want to give credit to our amazing engineering team and product designer, who have worked so hard for the past year to deliver this set of features. I feel incredibly fortunate to work with these folks on a daily basis. They’re smart, solution-oriented, hard-working, able to solve tough problems, and just plain fun to spend time with.

Big round of applause for Kevin Rood, Bryant Larsen, Kwok Lam, Alexandre DosSantos, Noah Rush, Thiago Vieira, and Danielle Fortier. 

Admin Analytics engineering teamAdmin Analytics engineering team

On the horizon

I want to give you a preview of what our high-level timeline looks like for the rest of the year. 


  • Filter enhancements. During our closed beta, we heard from customers that you want to be able to easily see the filters you’ve selected, and that you want filter search and selection to be simpler. We’re working on it! 
  • A11Y improvements. We’re committed to making the filters, charts, and drill down data more accessible. 
  • Internationalization. We’ll add all Canvas LMS language packs. 
  • Performance tuning. We’re continually working to improve dashboard load times. 

2H 2023

  • Data latency decreases. Admin Analytics is currently using the same data sources as Canvas Data 1, so data will be 24-48 hours old. In the second half of 2023, we’re going to work on using Canvas Data 2 to reduce that latency. 


Read the full Admin Analytics FAQ here.  


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The content in this blog is over six months old, and the comments are closed. For the most recent product updates and discussions, you're encouraged to explore newer posts from Instructure's Product Managers.