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My institution has just made Admin Analytics available and I'll soon be doing a presentation to our deans as well as department and program chairs to show them what data is available and give them some ideas about the questions we'll be able to answer with this new access. For those of you who have had access for a while, what questions have you been able to answer? How have you found the data in ...

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I may be wrong but did the Timestamp previously display in Admin Analytics? I am creating some guidance in which I was going to direct those using the tool to check the timestamp as the data is not real-time. However I can no longer find a Timestamp, please correct me!

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Hi all - hopefully this is an easy one. What Admin Analytics considers Participation is pretty intuitive on most items, but I am curious about what constitutes on participation in the following categories, which aren't mentioned on the "Analytics Page Views and Participations" page: FilesGrades Home PageModules Do comments count for the Grades section? And for Home Page, does it depend on what the...

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Problem: When in Admin Analytics and using the Filter button, the Select All option is not immediately available to select all items within the dropdown lists for Sub-Account, Term, Courses, and Teacher. Solution: Please make Select All available immediately without having to type in text in the Search boxes. Use Case: Recently, I wanted to use Admin Analytics to get some data about all courses in...

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Hello,  Was the Course_Format (on_campus, online, blended) property of courses ever listed as a filter in Admin Analytics?  I thought I had seen it at one point but I am unable to find it now. Would that be useful for institutions to see analytics in Admin analytics depending on the Course Format? I can not find it but if that seems useful I would submit as an Idea.  Currently we don't have the fi...

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Thank you for this tool, it is very useful and works very well. Previously in the Display Current Filters in Admin Analytics post, it was suggested to be able to have visibility of the applied filters and, this suggestion was implemented in a good way.  Additionally to this, I would like to suggest that when someone is selecting a filter, the filter or an indicator of various filters could be disp...

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It would be useful for administrators to send notifications to students according to the applied filters.    

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We are loving the new Admin Analytics.  We needed some enrollment statistics for a few courses and were looking at the Enrolled Students Over Time chart in detail.  Yesterday, that Enrolled Students Over Time chart completely disappeared from our Overview page, there are now only 6 charts instead of 7.  This is true for different users on different browsers, no matter whether we choose a recent te...

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At our institution, we would like to grant certain people access to Admin Analytics, but not everyone who has an account role that has the 'Analytics - View Pages' permission which isn't currently possible with the current permissions granularity. The reason for this is that we would like our central IT and central Learnign and Teaching to be the only ones to be able to view and export Admin Analy...

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I am just exploring Admin Analytics today for the first time. One thing that I am noticing is in the Average Course Score data, students that have completed the course (withdrawn) are still showing up on that report. They have a 0 grade since they are no longer enrolled in that course and their 0 grade is throwing off the average. I also saw in the Low Student Activity report students who have bee...


Admin Analytics Updates

Official updates, info, and calls for feedback from the Admin Analytics Team:

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On Wednesday, November 8th, Admin Analytics will release a new navigation. I’m excited to let you know that this is a preview of the updated global navigation framework that we will be using across all products later in 2024 to simplify and streamline the user experience.  Here are the changes you will see in Admin Analytics: We will move from a tab-based structure to a top-level navigation for e...

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Exciting times in analytics at Canvas! At the end of 2023, we’re going to default the Admin Analytics and New Analytics (which are course-level analytics) feature options to ON for all customers.    Admin Analytics We’ve received great feedback around Admin Analytics since our launch as a Feature Preview in March of this year. Those of you who have not turned this feature on have largely been hol...

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Filter Updates in the July 5th Canvas Deploy (Updated Date) Many of you have told us that you need more from your Admin Analytics filters because when you’re reviewing your data, filtering by account, term, course or teacher is one of the first actions you take.  Here’s what you told us you want to do:  Load relevant data by defaultSee all of the filters you selectedSearch filters and select from...

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You asked. We answered! I’m thrilled to let you know that Admin Analytics will be available as a Feature Option with the March 29th Canvas deploy. What Admin Analytics is a new, in-app analytics space. It comes with Canvas LMS, as part of your Canvas LMS license.  Three new analytics dashboards Three dashboards show you data related to Canvas usage at your institution (think breadth of Canvas usa...


Admin Analytics Feature FAQ


What is Admin Analytics?

Canvas Admin Analytics dashboards organize and present Canvas adoption and engagement data with enrollment and grade data in interactive charts that make it possible for administrators to see and understand the data that matter most to them. Key features include: 

  • Crisp and interactive dashboards that make it easy for anyone to see and understand data
  • Institution-wide view with multiple filters to personalize data by subaccount, time period or course
  • Power to drill down to see or export details and link to details or courses within Canvas

Admin Analytics surfaces data about Canvas adoption, course engagement and student outcomes so administrators can ask and answer questions such as: 

  • What value are we receiving from our investment in Canvas LMS and where is additional training or support required to drive adoption and success?  
  • Where should we target interventions across our campus to improve Canvas adoption?
  • Which best practices can we learn from courses that effectively use Canvas features?
  • How are students engaging with Canvas across courses? Where might we want to intervene with students based on performance. 

When will upcoming features be available?

  • Mar 29, 2023 Admin Analytics is available as a Feature Option. It is turned off by default. 
  • Q2 2023
    • Admin Analytics filter enhancements 
    • Language packs available
  • Q4 2023 Admin Analytics improved data latency < 4 hours 

Where do I see known issues for Admin Analytics?

Reference the Known Issues page.

How do I find out about the latest updates for Admin Analytics?

For a complete overview of this feature, reference the Feature Overview document. You can also view specific feature updates in the Change log.

How can I learn more about how to use Admin Analytics?

All information about how to use this feature is available in the User Guides.

Is Admin Analytics supported in beta and test environments?

Admin Analytics will be available in beta environments after it is deployed in Canvas on Mar 29, 2023 and after beta has been cut from production on Saturday April 1. Because Admin Analytics is an LTI tool that uses production data, it will not be available in the beta environment before that. 

Admin Analytics will be available in Customer Sandbox environments on March 29, 2023, and the analytics will show data produced by that instance. 

What user roles are supported for Admin Analytics?

Admin Analytics is available for Canvas users with the root account administrator role and to sub-account administrators with both of the following permissions enabled: 

  • Grades - view all grades 
  • Analytics - view pages

Are all features supported in the Canvas mobile apps?

These are for admin roles only and are not supported in the Canvas mobile apps. 

How do I enable Admin Analytics?

Admin Analytics is a Feature Option. It is off by default, but you can enable this Feature Option in Settings > Feature Options > Admin Analytics.  

How do I access Admin Analytics

When you enable the Admin Analytics Feature Option, if you are a root account admin or sub-account admin with the correct permissions, you will see Analytics (New) as a menu item in your left navigation when you go to Admin from the global navigation. 

How is Admin Analytics different from the existing Analytics page for admins?

Admin Analytics allows you to filter your data by subaccount, term, instructor, and/or course. You can select multiple items within each category and you can create compound filters. 

You have access to more data about your Canvas environment overall, and you have access to data about Canvas courses and student engagement. Almost every data point in the Admin Analytics dashboards can be drilled into for specific details. 

The charts that exist in the legacy analytics page are all replicated in Admin Analytics, with some differences: 

  • The course grades chart on the legacy page shows every student’s grade in every course for the subaccount you’re viewing. Average Course Grades chart shows course averages for every course that’s related to your selected filters. This allows you to view grade distribution and compare across subaccounts or terms, if you wish.
  • The Activity by Category chart in Admin Analytics shows more granular categories 

How long does it take to see data in Admin Analytics?

You will be able to see data for your institution immediately after enabling Admin Analytics.

Does Admin Analytics use Canvas Data 2? 

Not yet. Admin Analytics currently uses the same data source as Canvas Data. The data in Admin Analytics may be 24-48 hours old. Using Canvas Data 2 is on our roadmap for the second half of 2023. 

Does Admin Analytics have a public API?

Admin Analytics does not have a public API.

Does Admin Analytics use Looker?  

Instructure has engaged Looker to provide database analytics services to support the customer reporting function in Canvas LMS. Looker is a business intelligence software tool that processes data in a cache layer for 24 hours. Looker does not permanently store customer data in their application. Looker uses AES 256 bit encryption to secure database connection credentials and cached data stored at rest. Looker processes data regionally in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, Germany, or the United States, depending on where your instance of Canvas LMS is hosted.

How far back does my data go in Admin Analytics?

Admin Analytics’ submission, page view, and participation data goes back to August 2019. Therefore, the data related to course activity, student activity, and student engagement should only be viewed as far back as August 2019. 

What are the data sources used in Admin Analytics?

Admin Analytics uses data from the Canvas database, request logs, and mobile apps. Admin Analytics processes request log data to determine page view and participation data