Change in the minimum required iOS version

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We are continuously monitoring the distribution of the operating system versions of the mobile devices. The following pie chart shows how the current OS distribution looks like:

Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 13.26.59.png

We see that the ratio of the devices running iOS 14 is relatively low (2.3%) and decreasing, therefore we decided to introduce changes regarding the minimum supported iOS version. The highest app versions which run on devices with iOS 14 are the following:

  • Canvas Teacher: 1.20.0
  • Canvas Student: 6.20.0
  • Canvas Parent: 3.6.0

In practice it means that the mobile devices require a minimum of iOS 15 on the device to be able to start the Canvas Mobile apps with the versions higher than the above mentioned ones. If the device has a lower OS version than iOS 15, it will tell that the app can’t run and the OS upgrade is needed.

If the device is running iOS 14 and the OS upgrade is not an option, it will still be able to run the Canvas app versions which are equal or lower than the ones mentioned above.

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