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Classic Quiz Sunset Timeline (Subscribe!)

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Classic Quiz Sunset Timeline (Subscribe!)


Instructure and the Quizzes team have been planning the timeline to sunset Classic Quizzes.  We understand that the nature of change in education requires a long lead time to plan your transitions, so we are sharing the transition path now while still working to provide critical feature functionality. 

Milestones on the transition timeline will ensure we meet critical commitments. If these milestones are not met during the planned phases, we will reassess enforcement dates. Milestones include both product milestones as well as administrative milestones. We are committed to making this transition as smooth as possible.  

Not every feature improvement will be included on this timeline. We will continue to be agile in our prioritization and do that with your input where practical. Consult the roadmap for coming features

Please see the Sunsetting Classic Quizzes Q&A post for questions and community discussion. Bookmark/ Subscribe to this page as the living source of truth for the Classic Quiz sunset timeline. Below you will find the planned phases to provide a smoother transition. These phases correspond to specific dates on the following timeline:


Phase 1: Prepare

Laying the foundation for transition to New Quizzes includes: workflow improvements, migrations for settings, question bank to item banks, supported item types, and publicly accessible APIs for third parties or custom reporting.

Milestones: Migration tooling & Public APIs to be completed, provide transition training materials. Phase 1 is complete, the Phase 2 timing will be concrete. There will be at least 6 months between the end of Phase 1 and enforcement during Phase 2. 


Phase 2: Moving

Continued feature improvements including Blueprint Syncing and Blueprint updating. Enforcement of New Quizzes as “On” so that all users see New Quizzes, then prevent Classic Quiz creation while still allowing Classic Quiz taking for active courses. Instructure guidance for training of New Quizzes launch at your institution.

Milestones: Best practices in change management, New Quizzes On, Blueprint Syncing, prevent creation of Classic Quizzes. The entirety of Phase 2 will be no less than 6 months. 


Phase 3: Finalize 

Removal of User Interface but continued API support for archival purposes. 


Phase 4: End of Life

Removal of Classic Quiz database and API support. TBD


Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 10.50.43 AM.png


Questions, comments and feedback for Instructure about the transition? Please join us for engagement here:

New Quizzes Feature Comparison



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