Export Organization Badge List: A Snapshot of Your Badge Ecosystem



Hello Canvas Credentials Administrators! 

We're excited to introduce a powerful new feature that will take your badge management to the next level. Say hello to the "Export Organization Badge List" feature, a tool designed to provide you with a comprehensive list of all badge classes within your organization, including key details such as the Issuer, award frequency, and sharing statistics.


Responding to your valuable input in Ideas and Themes, we've brought to life the "Export Organization Badge List" feature. This tool addresses the community's need for a direct method to export a comprehensive list of badge classes, showcasing our commitment to turning your ideas into powerful functionalities.


This feature empowers administrators with a complete snapshot of your organization's badge ecosystem. Whether you're tracking badge creation trends, identifying unawarded badges, or optimizing service health, this tool is designed to enhance your Canvas Credentials experience.

Content Fields:

When you export your badge list, you'll gain insights into the following fields:

  • Badge Class name
  • Earning Criteria
  • Issuer name
  • Status (Active/Archived)
  • Creation Date
  • Archival Date (if archived)
  • Total Awards number
  • Latest Award Date
  • Total Shares number

How to Access:

Simply navigate to your Canvas Credentials dashboard and explore the new "Export Organization Badge List" option. It's conveniently located for easy access, allowing you to harness the power of this feature seamlessly.



Why It Matters:

  • Effortless Insights: Quickly understand the details of your badge classes.
  • Optimized Management: Streamline badge-related processes based on actionable data.
  • Community-Driven: This feature is a direct response to your ideas, underlining our commitment to meeting your needs.


The "Export Organization Badge List" feature is a direct result of your input. Dive into this new capability today and experience firsthand how Canvas Credentials continues to evolve with your insights. Thank you for being an essential part of our journey towards continuous improvement!

Best regards,

Canvas Credentials Team