February 2023 Updates to the Instructure Roadmap

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The Instructure Product Team is committed to keeping you in the know about the exciting work we’re doing. As part of this commitment, we will also communicate any changes that are made to the Instructure Product Roadmap


In February, we have two changes to roadmap outcomes: 

  • Elevate for K-12 Analytics: New Mastery Library has been pushed to Q4 2023; Reports Organized by Role has been removed from the 2023 roadmap. 
  • Impact: Integration of Impact into New Quizzes has been moved to the end of 2023

We also have two new additions to the Q1 roadmap: 

  • Canvas: Dutch language support for Canvas Student ePortfolios, Pathways, and Program Assessment has been added to Q1 2023.
  • Canvas: Adjust individual student paces in Course Pacing will be delivered by Q3 2023. 


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