Impact's Out-of-the-Box Walkthroughs are here!

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Our Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) Walkthroughs are ready to be used in your Impact dashboard! Our Impact teams have been working hard for the past few months to create, test and refine our OOTB Walkthroughs. We are very excited to share that the OOTB Walkthroughs are now published in the Campaign Template area of your Impact Dashboard. Below is some key information to get you up to date on the feature and help you get started. 


What are OOTB Walkthroughs?

OOTB Walkthroughs are pre-made Walkthroughs that offer step-by-step guidance to instructors and students on the workflows of the various tools and features across Canvas. With these Walkthroughs, you can reduce your workload as an administrator and ensure easy adoption of Canvas as well as other EdTech tools. 




Use OOTB to instill confidence in your users to successfully leverage Canvas and engage in a seamless educational experience!


Where can I find the OOTB Walkthroughs?

OOTB Walkthroughs will be delivered to you via Campaigns. This means that you will be able to find the Campaigns that include OOTB Walkthroughs in your Campaign Templates area. All Campaigns that include a Walkthrough will be prefixed with the word 'Walkthrough'.



From the Campaign Template, you can Use as draft. This will result in an import of the Campaign with all items included: walkthroughs, articles, and monitors. 




Note: Walkthroughs are handled as a single content item within campaigns, therefore individual steps will not be displayed inside the campaign shell.


How can I preview the OOTB Walkthrough? 

You can preview the OOTB Walkthrough content by pressing View More on the OOTB Walkthrough campaign template in your dashboard.

You can also check out the OOTB Walkthrough previews in the community.  


Can I edit an OOTB Walkthrough?

Yes. After importing your OOTB Walkthrough campaign and accessing your Walkthrough, you can reach all of the different steps included in the Walkthrough. This is a local copy of the Walkthrough, which means you can customize the content of the steps to meet the needs of your users. 


How does OOTB Walkthrough visibility work?

The Walkthrough will automatically be published and assigned to the campaign. This does NOT mean that it is visible to end users. The Walkthrough will only be visible when you assign, share, and start the campaign. The campaign Start and Stop actions will control the visibility of your OOTB Walkthrough.|

Learn more about resetting visibility in our guide on Walkthrough visibility.


How do I ensure that my OOTB Walkthroughs perform as expected?

There are several areas to check to ensure that your OOTB Walkthroughs will perform as expected: 

  1. Check the screencast within the OOTB Walkthrough previews to ensure that you have all the included tools enabled within your Canvas environment.
  2. Make sure that the correct tool categories are switched on. You are able to see which tool categories are associated with the OOTB Walkthroughs in their previews. 

If you have found that everything is correctly switched on and enabled, and the Walkthrough steps are still not all showing up, please submit a ticket so we can take a look.

How often will there be new OOTB Walkthroughs released?

That is up to you! Have an idea for an OOTB Walkthrough that is related to a Canvas feature, Studio or Mastery Connect? Submit it here to our content team and they will get back to you on the possibilities and a timeline! Meanwhile, keep an eye on our Impact releases  where content is announced biweekly…


Can I make my own Walkthroughs?

Yes! The Impact Walkthroughs feature was launched in 2022 in beta. Since then, our teams have been working on improving the functionality and accessibility of Walkthroughs in order to deliver the best experience for our customers. We have prioritized Walkthroughs, specifically Out-of-the-Box Walkthroughs, this year and are taking this feature out of beta with this release. We have some more improvements on the horizon, but for now take a look at our Impact guides to learn how you can create your own Walkthrough.


Please check out our Impact Guides on Walkthroughs for more information:


The content in this blog is over six months old, and the comments are closed. For the most recent product updates and discussions, you're encouraged to explore newer posts from Instructure's Product Managers.