How are Out of the Box Walkthroughs delivered?

Out of the Box Walkthroughs will be delivered to you via Campaigns. All Campaigns that include a Walkthrough will be prefixed with the word 'Walkthrough'.


  • Out of the Box Walkthroughs are created with a global approach in mind and therefore cannot meet the specific needs of each individual customer. You can customize Walkthrough steps and campaign content once they are imported.
  • Out of the Box Walkthroughs are currently unavailable for Blackboard users.

Importing Campaigns

In the top navigation, click the Campaigns link [1]. Then click the Templates tab [2].

Locate and select the walkthrough campaign template you are interested in using [3].

Use as Draft

Click the Use as Draft button. This will result in an import of the campaign with all items included: walkthroughs, articles, and monitors.

Note: Walkthroughs are handled as a single content item within campaigns, therefore individual steps will not be displayed inside the campaign shell.

Access Walkthroughs

Click on the Preview button for the Walkthrough inside your campaign. This will open the Walkthrough Preview modal.

In the Walkthrough Preview Model, click the View Walkthrough Details button. This will open the Walkthrough details page.

After accessing your Walkthrough, you can reach all of the different steps included in the Walkthrough. This is a local copy of the Walkthrough, which means you can customize the content of the steps to meet the needs of your users.

Note: The Walkthrough will automatically be published and assigned to the campaign. This does NOT mean that it is visible to end users. The Walkthrough will only be visible when you assign, share, and start the campaign.