JSON texts in Quiz and Item Analysis CSV Report?

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Following the introduction of the updated Quiz and Item Analysis processes, our teams have been dedicated to enhancing reporting capabilities in New Quizzes. Currently, we are focusing on two areas:

  1. Implementation of Answer Frequency Summary tables for additional question types.
  2. Introduction of an export option for the Item Analysis report in CSV format.

Recognizing the limitations of the CSV report in Classic Quizzes and the inherent challenges posed by dynamically changing data in CSV files, especially with complex question types such as categorization, matching, or ordering, we are exploring adding JSON formatted values for the Answer Frequency Summary cells for each question.

JSON is an open standard format that employs human-readable text to store data in the form of attribute–value pairs and arrays. Its readability makes it user-friendly, which doesn’t require programming skills for parsing into your preferred system, while offering the flexibility to encompass all pertinent information for various question types.

Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 13.15.54.png

This is an example of an Ordering type question with three answers to be arranged. The array of answers, enclosed in square brackets, represents each item, with the body of the answer in the first row. The "answered_order" array items indicate possible orders. In the example provided, the "First movie" answer is the first in order, which you can see by an "index" of 1 and a "correct" status of true. Twelve students marked this answer as the first item in the order, while subsequent rows reveal three students selecting it as the second order and one as the third.

It's essential to note that if your interest lies solely in metrics and fundamental quiz and item information, the JSON component may not be necessary for you. JSON texts would only be utilized for the answer frequency summaries.

The introduction of JSON may seem daunting initially and we value your opinion. Please share any questions, concerns, or thoughts on the JSON approach by leaving a comment here or reaching out to me via direct message. Your feedback is crucial to our ongoing improvements.