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In late December, “bulk” migration to New Quizzes will be available. We’ve conferred with the community about how multiple quizzes might migrate, and the results suggested the best mechanism is during the course copy or importing process. 

When using one of those options, you may choose to have the quizzes and banks migrate to New Quizzes. 

This functionality is being released to the Beta environment only, because we’ve made a conscious decision not to release it to Production yet. 


Why? Why:

Having migration available in Beta:

  • Provides you with a good opportunity to safely test the tool, create draft documentation, and begin thinking about how it might fit in with training and your overall transition plan. 
  • Provides us all time to test against a wide variety of teacher content. Teachers find innovative ways to engage students including with quizzing/testing. While we can make sure there are no failures, only those familiar with the quiz will be certain the result is as anticipated. 

In addition, we would like to improve additional areas of New Quizzes before having the tool readily available to teachers, improvements specifically to the user experience and additional content migration work. We don’t want to miss teacher expectations. For example, in the December release, messaging will inform the users about migration limitations and questions they may want to review. We know this process isn’t ultimately ideal and will continue to work on these scenarios:

  • Questions with formula equations migrate as images
  • Fill in the blank using rich content editing to include table or multiple drop-down questions migrate but shouldn’t be edited yet
  • Text No Question types move as a stimulus (orientation can be changed) but require a question to display to students. This process can still act as subsections but requires the user to edit the quiz.

All this to say, we want to get the tooling into your hands so that you can try it out, and we also want continued feedback so that we can iterate to make the migration better. 


Where are the details?

When migration functionality is available, links to the full details will be posted in the following locations:

[2021-12-22 UPDATE: Migration is available in the beta environment]

Beta Release Notes: New Quizzes Migration (2021-12... - Instructure Community


Thanks for your interest and excitement in this product and helping us continue its development.

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