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Modules Support Adding New Quizzes & Release Timing

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New features coming to Beta on February 22nd Production release date March 21st  will enable better workflow for Modules using New Quizzes. 

Problems identified through our discovery conversations with Admins and Educators:

  1. Can’t create a New Quiz from Modules - addressed
  2. Quizzes co-mingled with Assignments - addressed
  3. Navigation in Canvas eco-system causes confusion and needs consistency - partially addressed




Can’t create a New Quiz from Modules/ Quizzes co-mingled with Assignments 

New Quiz can be initiated directly from the Modules page. When you Add Item, all quizzes, both Classic and New Quizzes are now located under the Quiz association. No more hunting for New Quizzes under the Assignments association! Another little bit of clarity we’ve added here in the Modules Add Items is a small tweak of terminology. You’ll notice that the language to add a quiz which doesn’t exist yet has historically been “New Quiz.” This has been updated to reduce confusion. All Add Item association types from the Modules will now display as create instead of new;  ex: “Create Quiz, Create Assignment.” 

If you have previously set the default for either New Quiz or Classic Quiz, the quiz automatically will be created accordingly. If you have not yet chosen a default, a prompt will display and you will indicate the type of quiz you want to be created. That quiz name will then be added to the Modules! 

Navigation in Canvas eco-system causes confusion and needs consistency (partially addressed)

To begin creating content for your quiz, select the quiz name that was just added to the Module. You will be transported to the Assignment Details where it is possible to choose initial Quiz settings. We heard a lot of feedback that you revisit this page when it is time to make the quiz available, but that it is hard for teachers to find it after initial setup. Therefore, we’re changing the workflow process. *Subsequent clicks on a new quiz name will always navigate to the Assignment Details page.* 

During those interviews in December I uncovered something, which will be of no surprise to you, New Quizzes does not have a Previous or Next button to progress the user through the Module. This causes immense pain, particularly for your Quiz takers. We don’t want anyone to think that they are done with a Module when they are not. This particular problem exists for all LTIs working with Canvas and so I will pair with a counterpart in Canvas to begin a discovery around how we can resolve universally. I hear that this is a big concern for you, so I will definitely keep you posted. 


I want to know how this new workflow is, well, working for you! It would be great to hear feedback from you in this thread. However, if you have a couple of minutes (~15) to chat with our team, that would be even better! Just add a note below to let me know your institution and we’ll follow up.